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Course of study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Education Courses | Biology Courses

Education Courses:

Course # Course Title Credit Professor
C & I 235 Content Area Applications of Educational Technology 1 h Kevin Hall & Mercedes Rosas
C & I 301 Introduction to Teaching Science in a Diverse Society 3 h Fouad Abd-El-Khalick
C & I 302 Teaching Diverse Middle Grade Students 3 h Fouad Abd-El-Khalick
C & I 303 Teaching Diverse Senior High School Students 3 h David Brown
C & I 304 Teaching and Assessing Secondary School Students 3 h David Brown
EDPSY 211 Educational Psychology 3 h David Zola
EDPSY 320 Early Adolescent Development 2 h Allison Ryan
EOL 350 Legal and Professional Issues for Teachers 1 h Arthur Lehr
EPS 202 Foundations of American Education (Advanced Composition) 4 h Jeanne Connell
SPED 205 Introduction to Serving Students with Special Needs 1 h Thomas Grayson
SPED 305 Teaching Students with Special Needs 2 h Jim Shriner
  Total Credit in Education Courses:  26 h  

Course Work Related to Concentration:

Course # Course Title Credit Professor
BIOL 120 Genetics, Evolution, and Biodiversity 5 h Daryl Sweeney & Samuel Beshers
BIOL 121 Ecology and Organismic Biology 5 h Rhanor Gillette & Evan DeLucia
BIOL 122 Molecular and Cellular Biology 5 h Deanna Raineri & William Daniel
BIOCH 350 Introductory Biochemistry 3 h Charles Matz
EEE 212 Basic Ecology 5 h George Batzli
EEE 232 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy 5 h Thomas Frazzetta
MCBIO 200 Microbiology 3 h Charles Pratt &    Jack Ikeda
MCBIO 201 Experimental Microbiology 3 h Charles Pratt &     Dan Broder
PLBIO 304 Evolutionary Survey of the Plant Kingdom 4 h Tom Phillips
PLBIO 330 Plant Physiology 3 h Ray Zielinski
  Total Credit in Concentration Courses:     41 h  

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