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Philosophy of Technology in Education

As a future educator, it is my duty to help students to learn as much as they can.  I may be a biology teacher, but my teaching doesn’t have to end simply with biology.  I feel that in this day and age, it is imperative to understand technology, especially computers.  I feel that the use of computers and the Internet will help both myself as an educator and the students learn both science and technology.  

The computers and the Internet can help to make the classroom more interesting to the students.  They can do anything from a virtual from dissection to a research project about the rainforests.  There are so many resources to help the students so that they can find things out for themselves without me telling them.  This will allow students to be inquisitive and at the same time to be resourceful and take initiative to learn for themselves.  

While the computers will help the students out in the classroom, they can also be a wonderful resource for teachers.  There are hundreds of web sites that have lesson plans, demo ideas, and homework worksheets.  This allows for less time coming up with ideas for class, and more time actually preparing the lesson by the teacher.  This should relieve some stress in the teacher’s busy schedule, while at the same time, improving the quality of his or her class time.  

Technology is a wonderful addition to traditional teaching, but there is a limit to its helpfulness.  The computer should not be the focal point of the class.  Computers cannot take the place of students actually working in the lab and going outside and seeing the world around them.  As an educator, I hope to find a balanced mix of many different teaching methods.  This will allow me to reach more students and also keep them more interested rather than doing the same thing everyday.  Also, the Internet can contain some false information.  I would make sure that the students were looking at reputable web sites.  

Who knows what the twenty-first century will bring to science and technology.  I will do my best to make sure that my students are being taught the most current ideas in science by utilizing the most current technologies.  This will keep the student scientifically literate in our changing world.  It will also allow the students to work and better understand the technologies that they will be surrounded by in their adult lives.  With the proper precautions taken, computers and the Internet can be a positive addition to any classroom.  I hope that I have the resources available in my classroom to give the students the best science and overall education that I possibly can.  

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